Buying Your Dream Home: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There is nothing more rewarding than buying a dream home for your family where you can create a lot of memories and build your dreams together.

While there are many factors to consider when buying your dream home, the bottom line is to find that one property which measures up to your standards and expectations and fits your budget requirements perfectly. 

Buying a home may have certain risks. Sadly, you won’t become aware of the problems until you’ve finally moved in. A realtor will not reveal any issues unless you conduct your own assessment of the property and uncover the problems yourself.

Furthermore, you may also come across countless choices that are equally appealing in terms of features, price and location yet you could still end up having the worst choice in the end. Before you get that feeling of apprehension over the idea of buying your dream home, consider some of these inputs. 

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The Good Side

There is always a good side when buying a property. In fact, there are actually an infinite number of choices for residential properties Miami such as single dwelling houses, townhouses, villas and condominium units among others. And as a buyer, you are entitled to several advantages. 

First, you are free to make your own selection based on your standards, preferred amount and location. Second, you can narrow down your choices once you’ve seen the actual units.

You can actually inspect and check out the property to determine if it has everything that you’re looking for. Third, you can negotiate for the best price with your realtor.

And lastly, there’s no actual pressure on your part. You can take your time searching until you find that one property that best defines your idea of a dream home. 

The Bad 

Just like with any other form of sales, deception can easily happen in the real estate market. During an open house, you will most likely see the property in top condition.

Everything is in place and in order. Until you finally decide to buy the house and move in with your family. Come the rainy day, you discover leaks on different parts of the roof and when you try to move the furniture, you discover molds in every corner. What may seem like a dream home suddenly turns into a nightmare? 

Filing charges against the realtor or seller may entitle you to certain rights if the circumstances had been proven and if the element of deception is recognized by the court.

However, whatever resolution you might get from the course of the trial does not measure up to the amount of disappointment, inconveniences, and hassles you have to go through.

Sadly, these things could really happen. However, if you want to put your best foot forward when buying a home, our best advice would be to hire a real estate lawyer who will be involved throughout the transaction and sales process.

The Ugly

Real Estate Brokers have their own way of marketing their listed properties. Some create impressive websites and hire SEO Miami services to maximize their visibility online.

Some advertise their services through billboards, magazines and other forms of media. There are some who go through the ends of hiring attractive realtors just to lure the buyers.

While these may all prove to be strong marketing strategies, it becomes more like a battle of campaigns and promotions. Furthermore, the influence of the internet and social media adds up to the pressure and confusion of trying to find an ideal property. 

Needless to say, the limelight is being taken away from the listed property because it’s becoming more like a battle between the real estate brokers or realtors, their selling strategies and online visibility.

We cannot put the blame on the internet because it serves its purpose and neither on the realtors since they all want to get ahead of the other. However, modern real estate marketing has created a platform and an avenue where real estate brokers can literally create misrepresentations on their listing. Thus, it becomes even more challenging for buyers to land on a good choice of property. 

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