Uncovering the Secret of Real Estate Brokers: Does Beauty Sell?

Does beauty really sell in the field of real estate? Does an attractive realtor have more chances of selling properties compared to an average looking one?

There is this proverbial saying that states, “Beauty is only skin deep”. However, it seems that there is very little truth about it in terms of the advantages to your pocket.

There are actual researches that examine the interrelation between one’s physical attributes and wages. It was later on revealed that sexy and attractive individuals have more capacity to have higher earnings and they also deliver a much higher level of performance and profit to their respective companies.

Moreover, attractive people also have more chances of getting loan approvals and they are capable of negotiating loans with much better terms compared to their average-looking counterparts.

How to become a good sales person
How to become a good sales person

Proposals on How to Make Sales

Over the years that our company has been developing luxurious and high-end residential properties, we’ve received countless offers from real estate brokers who want to sell our multi-million dollar units.

We’ve seen several proposals and promotional work plans that feature attractive-looking real estate agents who are also responsible in managing and taking calls through their chat line numbers.

Interested parties and buyers could simply call these numbers to inquire about a property and to set an appointment. Attractive and sexy realtors are being used as front-liners to lure and encourage property investors to make that first call.

There is some truth in saying that selling demands for a certain level of physical attributes. For instance, if you’re selling a premium line of cosmetics, it just makes sense to get an attractive, alluring and sexy saleslady to sell and to promote the product.

The same goes in real estate. If you’re selling a luxurious vacation estate, you would naturally want a good and attractive looking sales agent to handle the sales.

It makes perfect sense to hire someone who is not just qualified and articulate; but also someone who is nice and pleasurable to look at and possesses physical qualities that are equally as impressive as the property you’re selling.

The “Halo Effect”

A certain study proves that sexy and seductive agents can sell properties at premium prices compared to their average looking counterparts. This is referred to as the “halo effect” wherein attractive people are perceived as smarter and much more capable.

For example; you see a sexy and attractive realtor’s billboard on the road. Chances are that you would take notice of the sign since it features someone who has been gifted with physical attributes. It is likewise expected that such advertisement would be made to look alluring enough to demand attention.

In most cases, your initial impression is that; “wow, that agent is attractive”. Therefore, before you even hire this agent to sell your property, you have already established a positive impression in your mind.

What It Takes to Make Good Sales

Can attractive sales agents sell properties at a faster rate? The study proves that attractive agents usually take longer to sell a property. The reason for this could be because they tend to have a higher asking price.

Therefore, a higher asking price means that it can take longer to find the perfect and most willing buyer. Apparently, there is a trade-off in this strategy. If you decide to enlist the service of an attractive listing agent, there is a higher rate at which you can sell your property at your desired price.

However, your property would have to sit and wait on the real estate market for an indefinite period of time, or until a buyer agrees to pay the price.

Additionally, attractive agents usually take fewer listings which equates to fewer sales. It is believed that attractive-looking agents make use of their physical attributes as a crutch.

The fact that they are getting fewer listings means that they are taking advantage of their beauty and appearance to substantiate or supplement their capabilities in other areas.

While this holds true on some aspects, beauty is not enough to make sales. In the end, it is just the icing on the cake. It may attract a lot of attention at first, but a serious buyer or investor would most likely be more particular about the listed property and the professionalism of the real estate agent he/she is dealing with plus the credibility of the property developer.

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