The Staff

Welcome to lexingtonDDA we are a team of marketing and promotions specialists from Lexington Downtown Development Authority. As a group, our aim is to be able to explore topics concerning the real estate market, home improvement ideas and sales strategies of realtors – and everything else that is in line with property development.

Our exposure in marketing luxury and premier residential properties all over Miami enabled us to discover the different aspects in sales amidst the current challenges that the real estate market is facing. Furthermore, our involvement in after-sales client care opened our eyes on the different issues that property owners are experiencing; some of which include problems with their insurance provider, dealing with unforeseen damages and various complaints with regards to construction and development. 

Since we’re dealing with these matters on a daily basis, our team decided to come up with a blog site wherein we can discuss and analyze stories about these issues and impart them to other property owners all across Miami. We are hoping that our readers would get valuable insights and ideas from our chosen topics that would serve as real eye-openers.

Again, we welcome you to our site and we’re hoping that you’ll find the topics helpful and relevant.

Disclaimer: We don’t have any intention of selling properties on our website but rather we want to discuss topics that concern the real estate market, realtors and everything else that revolve around property development.