Uncovering the Secret of Real Estate Brokers: Does Beauty Sell?

Does beauty really sell in the field of real estate? Does an attractive realtor have more chances of selling properties compared to an average looking one?

There is this proverbial saying that states, “Beauty is only skin deep”. However, it seems that there is very little truth about it in terms of the advantages to your pocket.

There are actual researches that examine the interrelation between one’s physical attributes and wages. It was later on revealed that sexy and attractive individuals have more capacity to have higher earnings and they also deliver a much higher level of performance and profit to their respective companies.

Moreover, attractive people also have more chances of getting loan approvals and they are capable of negotiating loans with much better terms compared to their average-looking counterparts.

How to become a good sales person
How to become a good sales person

Proposals on How to Make Sales

Over the years that our company has been developing luxurious and high-end residential properties, we’ve received countless offers from real estate brokers who want to sell our multi-million dollar units.

We’ve seen several proposals and promotional work plans that feature attractive-looking real estate agents who are also responsible in managing and taking calls through their chat line numbers.

Interested parties and buyers could simply call these numbers to inquire about a property and to set an appointment. Attractive and sexy realtors are being used as front-liners to lure and encourage property investors to make that first call.

There is some truth in saying that selling demands for a certain level of physical attributes. For instance, if you’re selling a premium line of cosmetics, it just makes sense to get an attractive, alluring and sexy saleslady to sell and to promote the product.

The same goes in real estate. If you’re selling a luxurious vacation estate, you would naturally want a good and attractive looking sales agent to handle the sales.

It makes perfect sense to hire someone who is not just qualified and articulate; but also someone who is nice and pleasurable to look at and possesses physical qualities that are equally as impressive as the property you’re selling.

The “Halo Effect”

A certain study proves that sexy and seductive agents can sell properties at premium prices compared to their average looking counterparts. This is referred to as the “halo effect” wherein attractive people are perceived as smarter and much more capable.

For example; you see a sexy and attractive realtor’s billboard on the road. Chances are that you would take notice of the sign since it features someone who has been gifted with physical attributes. It is likewise expected that such advertisement would be made to look alluring enough to demand attention.

In most cases, your initial impression is that; “wow, that agent is attractive”. Therefore, before you even hire this agent to sell your property, you have already established a positive impression in your mind.

What It Takes to Make Good Sales

Can attractive sales agents sell properties at a faster rate? The study proves that attractive agents usually take longer to sell a property. The reason for this could be because they tend to have a higher asking price.

Therefore, a higher asking price means that it can take longer to find the perfect and most willing buyer. Apparently, there is a trade-off in this strategy. If you decide to enlist the service of an attractive listing agent, there is a higher rate at which you can sell your property at your desired price.

However, your property would have to sit and wait on the real estate market …


Buying Your Dream Home: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There is nothing more rewarding than buying a dream home for your family where you can create a lot of memories and build your dreams together.

While there are many factors to consider when buying your dream home, the bottom line is to find that one property which measures up to your standards and expectations and fits your budget requirements perfectly. 

Buying a home may have certain risks. Sadly, you won’t become aware of the problems until you’ve finally moved in. A realtor will not reveal any issues unless you conduct your own assessment of the property and uncover the problems yourself.

Furthermore, you may also come across countless choices that are equally appealing in terms of features, price and location yet you could still end up having the worst choice in the end. Before you get that feeling of apprehension over the idea of buying your dream home, consider some of these inputs. 

nice house view

The Good Side

There is always a good side when buying a property. In fact, there are actually an infinite number of choices for residential properties Miami such as single dwelling houses, townhouses, villas and condominium units among others. And as a buyer, you are entitled to several advantages. 

First, you are free to make your own selection based on your standards, preferred amount and location. Second, you can narrow down your choices once you’ve seen the actual units.

You can actually inspect and check out the property to determine if it has everything that you’re looking for. Third, you can negotiate for the best price with your realtor.

And lastly, there’s no actual pressure on your part. You can take your time searching until you find that one property that best defines your idea of a dream home. 

The Bad 

Just like with any other form of sales, deception can easily happen in the real estate market. During an open house, you will most likely see the property in top condition.

Everything is in place and in order. Until you finally decide to buy the house and move in with your family. Come the rainy day, you discover leaks on different parts of the roof and when you try to move the furniture, you discover molds in every corner. What may seem like a dream home suddenly turns into a nightmare? 

Filing charges against the realtor or seller may entitle you to certain rights if the circumstances had been proven and if the element of deception is recognized by the court.

However, whatever resolution you might get from the course of the trial does not measure up to the amount of disappointment, inconveniences, and hassles you have to go through.

Sadly, these things could really happen. However, if you want to put your best foot forward when buying a home, our best advice would be to hire a real estate lawyer who will be involved throughout the transaction and sales process.

The Ugly

Real Estate Brokers have their own way of marketing their listed properties. Some create impressive websites and hire SEO Miami services to maximize their visibility online.

Some advertise their services through billboards, magazines and other forms of media. There are some who go through the ends of hiring attractive realtors just to lure the buyers.

While these may all prove to be strong marketing strategies, it becomes more like a battle of campaigns and promotions. Furthermore, the influence of the internet and social media adds up to the pressure and confusion of trying to find an ideal property. 

Needless to say, the limelight is being taken away from the listed property because …


Expectation versus Reality: When Insurance Providers Fail You

Being in the industry of property development for several years has enabled us to encounter different cases from our clients. As part of our commitment to deliver after-sales assistance and other forms of services, we are exerting our efforts to make our clients feel that they can count on our support. This includes insurance claiming.

Depending on the case, our company is sometimes approached for several purposes like for investigation, to complete an assessment or to acquire some documentation.

Overall, we try our best to help our clients sort out their problems and issues with their property insurance provider. 

Case Scenario: Denied Claims

We have seen a client whose water damage insurance claim has been denied. Apparently, the original cause of the water damage is unknown and it all started with a minor leak on the kitchen pipe.

When the pipe burst, the homeowners were at work so they did not have an idea that water has already taken over their entire home. Upon arriving home, they were shocked and devastated to discover that the entire first floor of their house is soaked in water from the burst pipe and a lot of furniture has already been damaged.

The first thing that came into their mind is that their property is insured and everything can be fixed.

When they filed for insurance coverage for the damaged floor, boards, furniture and other appliances, they were denied any claims due to the element of neglect.

The investigation report states that there is already long-standing damage to their kitchen pipes as proven by severe mold infestation all over their kitchen counter which was caused by prior leaks.

The homeowners were aware of the minor leak but they never suspected that it is an indication of something that’s more serious.

Due to their busy schedule, they were unable to fix that small issue right away which, later on, escalated to a much bigger problem and resulted in a complete disaster. 

adjusters help
Adjusters team

Resolution of the Case

The head of the family decided to seek the services of a Miami Public Adjuster to reopen the case and negotiate for fair and reasonable insurance coverage. The Public Adjuster took care of all the documents and substantiated all the evidence.

Our office was approached for some supporting documents. One of our staff personnel was also asked about several questions that could help the case. 

After a few weeks, the homeowners were able to get insurance coverage with the assistance of their Public Adjuster and they received a fairly acceptable settlement.

They informed us right away because they needed to have their property repaired and restored the soonest time possible. Being the developers of the property, we communicated with them and made all the necessary arrangements.

We also reminded them about some restrictions when it comes to repairs and restorations in compliance with developer’s policies and guidelines.

Moral of the Story

While insurance companies can offer you peace of mind, things do not always turn out the way you expect them to. There are some matters and decisions that you will never fully understand because that it how insurance companies work. They have their own language and interpretation of certain situations, especially on insurance claims. 

An insurance policy does not always guarantee insurance coverage. It is far more complex than that because the incident has to go through a string of assessment, investigation, and evaluation.

On the brighter side, being aware of your rights as a policyholder can give you viable options such as hiring a Public Adjuster to represent you and negotiate on your behalf. 

On a


What You Need to Know About House Painting Jobs

Painting job for your property is an important home improvement project that can beautify your home and likewise preserve its integrity. Application of fresh new paint can make the interior and exterior elements of your home look new again.

Your choice of paint color can also create an impact in every room and can set the perfect atmosphere that you want to achieve.

Moreover, it is just as important to take into consideration the type of paint that you’re going to use. Whether you’re planning to execute the project on your own to create minor improvements, or you want a major and full-service painting job that requires the expertise of painters Miami, it is important to choose the right colors and the right type of paint to get the best and most favorable results.

Interior Painting Job

Customized painting for home interior requires careful preparation. A comprehensive and systematic procedure must be set into motion to ensure that the painting job will be executed properly. Ideally, it is important to cover the entire flooring to protect the floor from stains, spillages and paint drips.

All furniture must be removed and covered for protection to expose all areas that need to be repainted. Decorative items should likewise be taken out of the room to prevent accidents and to ensure a suitable working space.

If you have contacted painting contractors, you can request for them to fill in the holes (if there are any) with lightweight spackle to be sanded and then spot primed. Wall cracks and other visible gaps may also be filled with joint compound to conceal them followed by sanding prior to being spot primed.

One of the main advantages of hiring painting contractors to do the job is to make sure that all areas will be covered evenly. For instance, electrical outlet covers and light sconces will be moved out from the surfaces that need to be painted. All furniture will likewise be covered with plastic sheeting.

It is important for the walls to receive light pole sanding prior to painting for even and professional finish. Trim should have light scuff sanding for maximum paint adhesion. Professional painters have the expertise to come up with uniform results.

Finishing touches are applied by hand brushing and rolling to ensure uniformity. Finally, as a rule of thumb; drywall, plaster and newly constructed surfaces should be primed first using an airless sprayer followed by back rolling.

Exterior Painting Job

Preparation is a crucial process for any exterior painting job. In fact, it is just as important as the application process itself. Ideally, it is highly recommended to pressure wash all substrates.

If you asked a painting contractor to have the job estimated prior to implementation, you will be presented with a proposal with this aspect. The purpose is to eliminate discoloration caused by chalking, dirt, tannin bleed and mildew.

Moreover, surfaces that need to be resealed should be thoroughly scraped to remove cracking, blistering and peeling paint. All rough surfaces are sanded to maximize paint adhesion and penetration.

Metal surfaces should be treated with rust-inhibiting primer to prevent staining. In most cases, a shellac-based primer is used in sealing out knots and tannin bleed.

With the passage of time along with the changing weather conditions, expanding and contracting could happen on the surface of the structure. Therefore, it is important to the integrity of the professional coating to fill in and cover up the openings with an element that will move or “breathe” with the structure to ensure effective seal.

Consult your painters about this important element because this process